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The lawyer Lachezar Popov

The lawyer Lachezar Popov

Latchezar Popov graduated from Sofia University Faculty of Law with a Masters of Law Degree in 1978. He worked as a Chief Specialist, General Counsel, and the head of the legal department in several state organizations and institutes until 1990 when he started his private practice.

He founded the Rule of Law Institute in 1995, a non-profit organization that unites legal professionals from all over the country who are passionate about human rights, justice, and integration of morals and ethics in the practice of law. In 1998, Mr. Popov successfully completed the Human Rights Course at the Danish Center for Human Rights. In 2001, he became the President and CEO of Advocates Europe.

Mr. Popov has extensive experience in criminal, civil, and administrative law. He is successful in practicing law in Bulgaria and in the European Court of Human Rights, and he is well respected in the international legal community.

Mr. Popov is passionate about helping people and business institutions resolve their disputes and seek justice. He looks forward to helping you resolve your legal problems.